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Advocate Mateusz Budziarek

Advocate Mateusz Budziarek completed on site legal studies with presenting master’s thesis entitled “The maximum statutory interest’ in the Civil Law Chair with mark: very good. He received during studies congratulatory note of rector of the University of Łódź for very good results in studies. He has begun Doctor Studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Łódź and he is preparing doctor’s thesis entitled “International bill law “.

Advocate has begun immediately after graduating advocate training at the Regional Bar of Advocates in Łódź. Subsequently he passed advocate exam after achieving positive result he was registered in the list of advocates of Bar of Advocates in Łódź.

Nemo enim in persequendo deteriorem causam, sed meliorem facit

Proceedings before a court can not aggravate, but only improve the claimant’s situation.

Many years


Advocate Mateusz Budziarek posses nearly 10-year experience in legal service of the entrepreneurs and running cases within the scope of civil law, family law, economic criminal law, tax law and administrative law. He has been gaining experience from the beginning of studies at the legal department of Łódź entrepreneur and at the Legal Clinic of the Łódź University and subsequently at the renowned law offices serving leading international and national economic operators. He also took practice in Legal-Treaty Division of Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Justice.

Advocate Mateusz Budziarek is also academic lecturer and author of scientific publications within the scope of widely understood civil law. Furthermore he was speaker and participant of numerous national scientific conferences. He can fluently use English and basically German.

Advocate Mateusz Budziarek in private is interested in sport, in particular motorcycle speedway, basketball and American football and also music and politics.