• drafting agreements and their consideration, negotiating of the content of the agreement
  • cases concerning liability for non-performance or improper performance of the agreement
  • vindication cases
  • corporate cases (meeting of shareholders, declaration of invalidity or revoking of the resolution of meeting of shareholders, liability for debts of legal entities and legal entities without corporate status, dissolution of the companies, merger of the companies, division of the companies);
  • bankruptcy and restructuring
  • taxes and public tributes (tax duty, determination of the amount of tax obligation, limitation of tax obligation, social insurance cases)
  • criminal and criminal treasury liability of the entrepreneurs (i.a. economic and trade related offences – damage in economic turnover, bribery, credit fraud, acts detrimental to creditors; offences against the credibility of documents, offences against business transactions; fiscal offences);
  • GDPR
  • issue of securities and securities trading
  • cases within the scope of labor law (initiating and dissolution of the employment relationship, liability of the employer, liability of the employee)
  • assets of entrepreneurs
  • administrative cases related to running the company

Non ex regula ius sumatur, sed ex iure quod est regula fiat

The rules do not create laws, they are derived from them.